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May 4, 2020


Series of Online Auctions Announced to Liquidate Assets at Retired Fibrant Chemical Plant in Augusta, GA



Augusta, GA – Industrial Asset Recovery Group (IARG) has announced a series of online auctions featuring surplus inventory from the former Fibrant chemical plant located in Augusta, Georgia. The online auctions are currently underway and will continue throughout 2020.

IARG is managing the sale of the assets on behalf of the new owner, Augusta Liquidations LLC, an affiliate of Commercial Development Company, Inc. (CDC).

The most recent auction is currently underway and features inventory from Fibrant’s laboratory and testing equipment. Register Online »

Located on a 600-acre industrial complex, the retired Fibrant plant, also known as DSM Chemicals, represents one of the largest online industrial liquidations in the country.

“Buyers will find tremendous deals at these online events – our current liquidation event, which ends May 14th, features Fibrant’s large inventory of lab & testing equipment. This is a massive collection of surplus assets which we have organized into over 5,000 lots, and we are very pleased to bring this opportunity to market.” said Stuart Millner, Managing Director at IARG.

Throughout 2020, these liquidation events will feature over 5,000 lots from Fibrant’s inventory of industrial machinery and equipment including: industrial trucks and mobile equipment, lab and testing equipment, fire and personal safety equipment, MRO tooling and parts, electrical components, MCC banks, machine shop tools, fabrication equipment, pump and motors, office furniture, and more.

Specialized Laboratory & Testing Equipment

IARG will also feature inventory from Fibrant’s chemical-manufacturing operations, which includes extruders, spectrometers, vacuum ovens, air samplers, COD reactors, hot plates, oscilloscopes, auto samplers, chronographs, viscosity readers, chemical analyzers and more. This online auction is currently underway and will conclude May 14, 2020. The auction will be conducted by Schneider Industries. Interested parties can Register Online or contact Riley MacCracken at 314-863-7711 (Office) or 314-456-1098 (Mobile).

Calendar of Events

IARG has teamed up with premier US-based auction companies to provide the highest quality sales events for their customers. The liquidation will be conducted during 8 separate sales events throughout the year. The first two events are listed below.


Laboratory & Testing Equipment

  • Ongoing through May 14, 2020
  • Register Online (conducted by Schneider Industries)


Industrial Trucks & Mobile Equipment


The remaining six (6) online auctions will take place from June through August 2020. Auction dates will be announced at For advance notice, please contact Stuart Millner at 314-835-2812 /

The plant is located at 1472 Columbia Nitrogen Road in Augusta, GA. Inspection is available by appointment only. Certified riggers will be on site and available for the removal of equipment and machinery post sale.


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