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19 October 2015

City of Marysville Unveils Robust Waterfront Redevelopment Concept


Marysville, MI – The City of Marysville and Commercial Development Company Inc. (CDC), a leading North American commercial real estate and brownfield redevelopment company, today unveiled a vision to redevelop the 30-acre St. Clair Riverfront site previously occupied by DTE Energy’s coal-fired power plant.

The “Marysville Riverfront Master Plan” would redevelop the former Detroit Thomas Edison (DTE) power plant site to provide the City of Marysville with a unique riverfront destination. The rich history of the site, including the opening of the DTE Power Plant in 1922, would be reflected in contextual architecture and streetscapes featuring detailing reminiscent of the 1920s. A kiosk is proposed to walk visitors through a historical time line that has shaped the St. Clair Riverfront along Marysville.

The master plan of the 30 acre site takes advantage of the St. Clair River by orienting developments to maximize waterfront views and access. New berms and landscaping would provide a natural visual and sound buffer between the adjacent highway and the new buildings. Edison Boulevard, a new access road, would utilize two existing entrances to the site and provides access to site parking, which includes gravel overflow lots for special events and the new marina. 

Gratiot DTE Park and Marysville Marina

Under the concept plan, the north end of the site would re-shore and expand the existing bulkhead to accommodate a new public marina. The marina would feature permanent and temporary docking, fueling station, towing service, bath/shower house, and a public ferry service to transport passengers along the scenic St. Clair River.

The plan would retain the existing gate house located at the north entrance to the site. Furthermore, The Gratiot DTE Park and pavilion would be retained and expanded. Existing walking and bike trails would be extended throughout the entire site. The new plan increases the park’s access and views to the St. Clair River.

A new five story, 100 room hotel is also proposed along the waterfront. Condominiums would be located on the top floor and would include water recreation features. This hotel would provide overnight amenities for on-site special events and provide a place to stay for those attending exhibitions at the new Port Huron Convention Center, also accessible by the new ferry service.

Riverfront Promenade

The heart of the development is along the riverfront promenade. A two-story 25,000 sf amenities building and a one-story 30,000 sf office retail building would provide space for banquets, boutique shopping, specialty restaurants, art shops, and a gelato bar. The layout also provides space for street performers, musicians, fountains and temporary art installations.

The south end of the master plan envisions a 12,500 sf fitness center and a 6,500 sf pad site. The pad site could be utilized as additional retail space, or as a stand-alone restaurant.

Environmental Remediation and Demolition

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For almost 80 years, this property had been home to DTE Energy’s coal-fired power plant, also known as the “Mighty Marysville” – employing 250 workers until closing its doors in 2001. In 2014, the site was acquired by Commercial Development Company, Inc. (CDC) who has since been actively engaged in environmental remediation and horizontal development to prepare the site for the Marysville Riverfront Master Plan.

“We expect this project to bring significant benefits to the City of Marysville and surrounding areas – economic, social, and environmental” said John Fonke, Vice President at Commercial Development Company, Inc. “This exciting riverfront development plan is bringing the project another step closer to transforming this brownfield site into a community asset for the City of Marysville.”t]