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Des Peres Quarry

Des Peres Quarry

10:53 09 September in Land Development, Quarry

180-ft Quarry Transformed into a Large Multi-Use Development in St. Louis County


In the early 1990s, this site was home to a 27-acre orphaned quarry site, unclaimed by surrounding municipalities due to blight and safety concerns. CDC purchased the site in 1994 and began a 20-year process of filling the quarry with inert fill, consisting of asphalt, concrete, sand, rock, and dirt. Approximately 5,250,000 cubic yards of fill material was used to transform the site into an attractive multi-use development site in St. Louis County.

CDC’s Vision for Reclamation and Redevelopment


In July 2018, CDC officially moved their corporate headquarters to the former quarry site – redeveloped after 20 years of environmental reclamation.

The new 50,000 sq/ft Class-A office building will be used as the corporate headquarters for CDC, as well as four wholly-owned affiliate companies that collaborate with CDC on large brownfield remediation and redevelopment projects – Environmental Liability Transfer, Inc., EnviroAnalytics Group LLC, Industrial Demolition LLC, and Industrial Recovery LLC. All five companies work to clean environmentally-impacted real estate and reposition distressed sites for new sustainable development.

The construction of CDC’s new corporate headquarters is part of a larger development project located at the Manchester and Highway 270 corridor in Des Peres, Missouri. The development began in 2015 and includes a Provision Living assisted living center, a 254-unit luxury apartment complex, a Marriott Residence Inn and Courtyard Hotel, and 50,000 sq./ft. class-A office building.

The Marriott Residence Inn and Courtyard Hotel will have 211-room capacity and fill a local market void for hotel space in the area. The hotel development is scheduled to open in the fall of 2018 and is also owned and being built by CDC.


CDC HQ Timelapse Video


Before & After Photos

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