Commercial Development Company, Inc. (CDC) | Caterpillar Corporation – York, PA
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Caterpillar Corporation – York, PA

Caterpillar Corporation – York, PA

14:04 02 September in Industrial


Property: Caterpillar Corporation – York, Pennsylvania

Detail: CDC first learned about this 2,700,000 square foot property located in York, Pennsylvania, on October 22nd 2000 and closed on this $30,000,000 purchase on December 29th of that year. CDC drew on its wealth of knowledge and experience to quickly close on one of the largest industrial facilities sold that year.

Solution: Working with Caterpillar Corporation, CDC, effectively abated all relevant environmental issues and using an Act II closure from the State of Pennsylvania. CDC also began the necessary work to transform this heavy industrial facility into a modern, multi-use property making it appealing to both manufacturing and warehousing/distribution users and ultimately it sold an underutilized portion to an end user.